About us




In the early 1900’s John Sledgers identified both a necessity and an opportunity in the footwear world. Using his wealth of experience in shoe design he set about creating shoes that were both incredibly comfortable and wonderfully stylish, without ever having to compromise on quality.



Sledgers pursued the idea in his British hometown of Northampton, before deciding to expand his operation abroad.  Determined to bring his designs to life he started to explore the possibility of developing his idea in Fougeres, a popular shoe making region in France, eventually settling in the neighbouring city of Vitre where he met Henry Noel…



Our French Heritage



Born from a shoe making family in Vitre, Henry Noel moved to Paris to expand and enrich his knowledge of footwear manufacturing by working under a master in the trade. Following World War 1 Noel moved back to Vitre to restart his endeavours and continue his passion to create high quality leather footwear. A chance meeting in the local marketplace (as seen in this sketch by J.M. Whistler) led him to our founder John Sledgers.  A strong partnership was quickly formed, and the Sledgers brand was born.





Today, Sledgers continues to deliver exceptional products inspired by comfort. By fusing the original designs with todays enhanced innovative footwear technology.  As a brand we pride ourselves on making extremely comfortable shoes that remain lightweight and versatile.  With strong roots in European shoe making Sledgers has remained true to its heritage ever since its inception almost 100 years ago and continues to provide its customers with products in which they can trust.